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Founded in 2014, Freefall Rainwater bottling was born with a belief that if each of us take responsibility... we can change this planet's future.

Today’s widespread debates about how to respond to our world’s fresh-water depletion tend to focus on the short term. But let's try to glimpse a little bit further into the future. We see that we are squeezed between the two complementary problems of resource depletion and ecosystem disruption. Together, these problems are making us become inhabitants of a new planet—one that will have a different climate and will be much poorer in terms of available resources. We also see that there is no obvious way of "solving" these problems as long as we intend to maintain the lifestyles that we have had up until today.

Ecosystem collapse is not unavoidable; it is a consequence of human actions. Even though we aren't currently acting to avoid it, we could choose to do something to mitigate the problem, or we could be forced to do so, by the depletion of all fresh water.

Freefall Rainwater is trying to help avoid this at ALL costs. This is our only mission.