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how pure is freefall rainwater?

The purest water that you have ever tasted.

The water in a raindrop is the cleanest source of water available. Though rainwater can absorb trace amounts of gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide as it falls through the atmosphere, rainwater is almost 100% pure water before it reaches our collection system which intercepts the rain before it ever hits the ground.

We are a sustainable Public Water Facility (licensed by TCEQ, FDA and the EPA) offering the purest natural water source in the world, rainwater. We package our premium water in fully-biodegradable bottles and caps that are 100% recyclable as well.

Our water never touches the ground collecting pollutants and unwanted elements and toxins. We do not take water from aquifers, lakes, rivers or municipal supplies and never use Chlorine or Ammonia to disinfect like nearly all other water sources.

All water starts as rainwater and we are collecting it before it gets contaminated. Taste what water is supposed to taste like when you try FreeFall. You’ve never tasted anything like it.