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why freefall rainwater?

Natural Rainwater
Biodegradable Bottle and Cap
Green Product & Processes
Environmentally Responsible
100% Recyclable
Biodegrades 1- 15 years in a Landfill or Commercial Compost
No Additives, Minerals, or Pollutants
Chlorine Free
Ozone and UV Disinfection

Purest Water on the Market - Our water never touches the ground - We use gravity to filter our water which avoids the use of man-made energy and pumps - We’re the only water bottling company that stores our raw water indoors - We package Freefall rainwater in a biodegradable bottle and cap all without leaving our regional facility - Our study shows that even with recycling programs at full tilt, 85 of 100 water bottles still end up in land fills, so biodegradability is what’s MOST important. Our bottles will disappear in 1 to 15 years, not 400 to 1,000 like our competition.